Monetary display:

Prices can be displayed in the currency of your country with the dropdown list at the top right of the page. When switching to the payment page, the total amount of your purchase is automatically converted into Hong Kong dollars. The exchange rates may fluctuate slightly, are automatically updated every day.

Currency of payment:

Our company is based in Hong Kong, our prices are based on the Hong Kong dollar, and displayed in the currency of your choice (euro, Canadian dollar, U.S. dollar). When you pay your bill, the amount shown in your currency is automatically converted into Hong Kong dollars, or by PayPal or your bank. So you should know that exchange fees apply. These costs are about 2.5% of the total cost including postage, depending on the bank, and of course depend course daily exchange.

Prices displayed on the shop in your currency, depending on exchange rate between your currency and Hong Kong dollar. This system can also be beneficial for you, because if during the currency of your country rises, you pay less!

With this system, we do not need to put up a safety margin to protect us from fluctuations. So you pay for your products, real prices adapted to the Chinese market.

We invite you to contact us if you have any questions about it.

Method of payment


Your order will be prepared and sent as soon as the amount is transferred to our bank account and that the order is accepted. If we do not receive the full amount of the purchase within 10 days of receipt of the order confirmation, we will be forced to cancel the order.

Accepted methods of payment

- Credit card payment via PayPal: Pay with your credit card directly, even if you do not have a paypal account. No minimum amount.
- Paypal: No minimum.
- Bank Transfer: You can select this mode only if the purchase amount reaches a minimum of 5000HKD (nearly 644$). Please transfer the purchase amount to the account specified after ordering. Do not forget to add your order number in the subject field of your transfer. You can find this number in the order confirmation we sent you by email.

Here is the information of our bank account for the transfer:
Destinataire : IITOA LIMITED
Nom de la banque : HSBC Hong Kong
Code banque : 004
Code guichet : 400
N° de compte : 726212838


Additional information for the transfer (may be required by the issuing bank)
================================================== =================================================
Recipient address: Room 2103, 21/F, Easey Commercial Building, 253-261 Hennessy Road, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Bank Address: Des Voeux Road Central Branch China Insurance Group Building, 141 Des Voeux Road Central, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
As the bank: (852) 2748 3322
================================================== =================================================
It is possible that your bank does not know the procedures for international transfers. However, the above information is sufficient, so we recommend that you insist if necessary. (The IBAN number does not exist in Hong Kong!)