Shopping Guide

Personalized service - Big size, small size, speciai size : uniform, jacket, pants, kimono, hakama,...

      In shop Martial way, all uniforms, jackets, hakamas, kimonos and some T-shirts can be customized according to your measurements. We customize for large size, small size, or special sizes. Everything is possible!

A Guide for Materials

A little knowledge imitation leather, genuine leather, microfiber leather.

  Tai Chi and Kung Fu shoes Guide

In China, Martial-Way Shop has investigated and interviewed practitioners of Chinese martial arts. Here is a short summary based on practitioners habits, it might give you some ideas to better choose your shoes.

How to choose your Tai Chi shoes?
How to choose your Kung Fu shoes?


How to install Hong Ying on a spear head
How to choose a chinese broadsword
Standard Specifications of Southern Broadsword